There is no more beautiful Island than the Bermuda Island in the North Atlantic Ocean and it is part of the British territory. The most important part of the Bermuda Island is its famous Beaches of pink sand.  There are numerous people who have already gone the place where they can find the mystery of the Island. Beautiful beaches are around the place because it is an Island.

You do not see skyscrapers but you can see many amazing attractions like the museum and other architectural sites that makes the place beautiful. It seems like Bermuda territory is small because there are only few residences in the scattered islands. However, the territory of Bermuda is vast and spacious.

Bermuda Island became a mysterious Island when Christopher Columbus on his voyage going to USA found out that his compass showing a strange direction. This is the only place where the compass does not show the correct navigation, that is leading to a danger. Of course, if the compass does not turn the right navigation, then travelers will be confused and can be lead to another place. Why is this land so beautiful?

There are many islands in the world but this Island catches the attention of many people so it is regarded as the most beautiful island in the world. This is very true. But why does it look so lonely? When seeing from a satellite view, the sea territory and Islands are incredibly beautiful. How on earth this Island makes some freak out? There must be something behind it.