Are you looking for an amazing place to visit during vacation? There’s a lot of wonderful tourist destinations to choose from. Are you planning to explore some place you might not have visited yet? You might be amazed with the view of white sand beaches in some countries like Philippines. But, you will be more surprised to hear that there’s a place with pink sand beaches! Yes, that’s real! How come there’s such pink-colored sands that exists? You can find the answer in this article.

When red tiny organisms that grow under the coral reefs die on the ocean floor, it makes the sand look pink in color. That’s really amazing! Where can we find such beautiful pinkish sands? Well, don’t hesitate to visit Bermuda Island! Did you know that there are 34 wonderful beaches in Bermuda? You will surely be surprised by the fabulous views of the island. Among these beaches, you must never fail to visit and explore those with the best pink sand beaches. At least look near the water line to see the pinkish sands.

Here are some of the beaches in Bermuda Island you must never fail to experience:

  • Warwick Long Bay Beach – such a magnificent view of pinkish sands; full of little coves and rocks; it lies on South Shore Park and to the east of Horseshoe Bay beach
  • Astwood Cove – a stunning view surrounded by steep cliffs; perfect destination for couples because it is less crowded, gives you privacy you want
  • Stonehole Bay Beach – such a lovely beach; surrounded by rocky cliffs and rock formations
  • Horseshoe Bay Beach- it is named after its shape; there are beautiful limestone rocks along its boundary line

If Bermuda has pink sand beaches, Bahamas has tan sand beaches.