Let us take a look at the culture the Bermudians cherish. Actually, there is a cultural diversity there due to the coverage of the British Isles. It is said that there are many Portuguese that migrated there, married and brought their culture there. This is why their culture in British-Portuguese. There are still more cultures found in it such as the African culture and Asian ones due to the migrations  of different people. However, dominant is the culture of Portuguese and until now, culture is being respected.

Their official language is English. People there have no differences in appearance with the English people. Another thing is that there is no more thing that we can say about their clothing because they also wear like British people.

Their dance is called the Gombey dance and all people enjoy this dance that they like. Bermudians also have their own music.

Did you know that one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world refer to the Botanical Garden in Bermuda? They love Botanical Gardens so much.

Aside from that, they also take pride in their agricultural system and onion is the first product that they export or trade. Like these, people are acquainted with agriculture and many other people want to grow more and more vegetables there.

Their food comes from the sea so they catch fish and also sea weed. People there make money through fishing aside from agriculture. There food is always is somewhat imported from the US or from other British nations.