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The 6 important global benefits of a healthy ocean

The ocean is part of the world and many events have already happened connected to it. The ocean is a great part of the earth and most of the surface of the earth is also the ocean. There are many… Continue Reading →

The 15 interesting facts about the life in the sea

One of the amazing and interesting things that people do not know is that the ocean is still unexplored even if there are many finding that has already been done. But if it was compared to the exploration about space… Continue Reading →

Your ultimate guide to 15 Caribbean attractions in 5 places

One of the good things that you can find and do in the Caribbean is to take a cruise to the different islands and have some time to experience the life, culture and other practices that you can learn in… Continue Reading →

The complete guide to the 72 kinds of Caribbean fishes

If you are one of the people who love to know about fishes and you want to know the species that are there in the Caribbean then here is your guide to them. You can see in the attached infographic… Continue Reading →

Stunning Tourist Attraction in Bermuda

Bermuda is a tiny island, however, numerous tourist destinations and attractions are found in this place. There are many interesting places that will surely catch the attention of every tourist. Most tourists visit Bermuda Island to experience the fantastic view… Continue Reading →

The 5 theories of the Bermuda triangle mysteries and other facts

There are many speculations that resulted by the mysteries that happened in the Bermuda triangle. It was once a place that is unknown but when it was discovered it became one that is full of mysteries. Not just for the… Continue Reading →

The list of 25 Caribbean islands recommended for you to visit

The Caribbean islands are already famous around the world. They are already known for the beauty that visitors are after so they like to travel and explore the islands. The cruise that is offered to tourists is what many people want… Continue Reading →

The 3 major contribution of MPAs to ocean and the key principles to success

One of the good things about the environment is that it gives us much of what we need and can provide for what the human needs. There are just things that would make it complicated and that it can be… Continue Reading →

The list of 21 best beaches found in the beautiful Bermuda Island

Bermuda is known for the mysterious events that happen there and the history prove it by giving us a record of what had happened from the time it was discovered by Columbus during his exploration to the United States. Because… Continue Reading →

Pink Sand Beaches only in Bermuda Island!

Are you looking for an amazing place to visit during vacation? There’s a lot of wonderful tourist destinations to choose from. Are you planning to explore some place you might not have visited yet? You might be amazed with the… Continue Reading →


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