One of the amazing and interesting things that people do not know is that the ocean is still unexplored even if there are many finding that has already been done. But if it was compared to the exploration about space more studies are done there than in the ocean. The ocean seemed difficult to explore because of the situation that provides limitations to what humans can see and explore. Even if there are the tools and equipment that is advanced but still the ocean was not that explored.

Until this time there are studies that are being conducted to know about the ocean but they are not yet enough to let us know about it. Because there are much to know about the world that they cannot be done faster than how technology has evolved. There are many factors that make the ocean not easy to study but it is the same with space study and exploration before. What we have known so far is what you can watch in the video above.

There are fifteen interesting facts that were presented above about the life in the sea. They are just some of what we know and understand. You can search on the internet or in the discovery channel or national geographic more about it as they have many records about it. You can also search in the Wikipedia and other sources on the internet. They have uploaded many videos and you can watch them freely.