There are many speculations that resulted by the mysteries that happened in the Bermuda triangle. It was once a place that is unknown but when it was discovered it became one that is full of mysteries. Not just for the reason that the compass cannot point to the true north but because of many other reasons. Because of the incorrect compass direction, it gives the first explorer became curious about it. If it does not point to the right direction then it will cause disorientation.

If you see the infographic you can read about the five theories that cause the mysteries happening in the Bermuda triangle. There are already more than one thousand commercial ships that just disappear and no trace of anything from them is found that makes it more mysterious. But there is no official conclusion to what causes it that is why only theories can be made and five of them is presented in the infographic above. One of the theory is that there is a time vortex located there.

As even airplanes disappear it is hard to be able to conduct an investigation or study. Even with the advanced technology, there is still no found data about the mysteries happened. More than five thousand of people have also disappeared together with the planes and the ships that were lost throughout the years. That is why it is also known as the Devil’s Triangle because of all that has happened.