Bermuda is known for the mysterious events that happen there and the history prove it by giving us a record of what had happened from the time it was discovered by Columbus during his exploration to the United States. Because of the mysteries that continually happen many people avoid to go to that part as evidence or information cannot be gathered to be able to have a complete or detailed understanding about it. Even if many mysteries surround it but the beauty of the place is what attracts people.

You can see in the infographic the list of the beaches that are found on the island. The shape of the island is beautiful and that makes it attractive also as it houses the twenty-one beaches that are located in it. You can see in the infographic the locations of each beach on the island. All of the twenty-one are very nice and you can go from one place to another if you want to visit not just one beach.

Even if it looks lonely but when you go and have an adventure you would just appreciate its beauty and do not mind the mysteries that happened in the mysterious part. You can fly to get there and you will see the separate islands that form the Bermuda. It is a great place to relax and also to have the best memory of your life because of what you can experience there.