In the Island of Bermuda, there is what we call the Bermuda Triangle or Devil’s Triangle. Why would it be called Devil’s Triangle. Geologist made a mark where accidents happen in the island. It is estimated that the area shapes in a triangle. Within the triangular area, all vanishes. This is according to what happened in the past history. This is like a hole where whirlpool happens and when it does, those who are within the territory of the triangle will vanish like wind. Not only that but on the outskirt of the triangle. How dangerous must this place be. Many people think that when a plane or a ship disappears without any trace, not a trace of people’s hair will be seen.

Why is there such a tragedy that happens in this place? Of course, there are places where whirlpool could actually happen and swallow whatever is on the surface. In this condition, ships and planes should be on guard in regards to the navigation. However, it is said that the compass or any navigation device can not determine the exact location of the triangle through which there is still a tendency that they will pass through the dangerous territory and this makes them vanish. This is according to story that was passed down since hundred years ago. Then in this case, is there something we can so or any solution we can make in order to kill this dangerous place? If it was put on earth, then how can we get rid of it. It is like a natural disaster for us.